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Keeping Things Simple is Harder Than You Think

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The past year has been transformational within our Infrastructure unit at ITServices. A common mantra has been uttered time and time again: "Let's keep it simple". We have learned this strategy means many things to many people, and we are often half way through a process before asking ourselves, "Simple for whom?"

This presentation is a look at our recent experiences addressing this issue: Is it really possible to keep things simple, or will there always be complexity? If complexity is inevitable, how do we manage it and share responsibility for it across teams?

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Lead Presenter: Brad Hannah
Lead Presenter Department: ITServices at Queen's University
Lead Presenter Title: Manager, Systems and Storage

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Brad Hannah:
I began in higher education as a Junior Software Developer and worked my way through various IT roles at Queen's University. These roles included Applications Integrator, Middleware Analyst and Senior Systems Analyst. I am very passionate about technology and always looking forward to our next exciting technology development.

In my current role as Manager of Systems and Storage I work with an incredible team who share the same excitement and drive to make technology more accessible for our many customer on campus.

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Toldo, Room 104