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Active Learning Classrooms @ Queen's

Presentation Type: Group Presentation



In January 2014, Queen's launched 3 new active learning classrooms.  This presentation will include an overview of the rooms, why they were built, and reasons for technology decisions.  A summary will be given of how the rooms have been received so far by students and professors, how we are supporting the rooms, and issues we have experienced.  The focus will be on the IT side of things, rather than pedagogical value.

More information on the Active Learning Project can be found here:

PowerPoint Presentation



Lead Presenter: Don Harmsen
Lead Presenter Department: Queen's University / Information Technology Services
Lead Presenter Title: Educational Technology Analyst

Other Presenters:
Dave Smith, Production Director, Information Technology Services

Presenter(s) Biography:
Both Dave and Don have been involved in the classroom design since the beginning of the project in 2012. Both were either on-site or on-call to support the classrooms during the launch of the classrooms this January.

Room Number:
Toldo, Room 200